"Unborn" [Sanskrit]
The Forges of Dawn
The Thousand Winters
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Close Kin
Hotio (father)
Ainra (mother)
Uhuru/Uru (half-sister)
Oni (half-sister)

The only son of Hotio, Aja is a minor side character in "The Forges of Dawn". At the time of the book's events, he is still only a cub.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Aja strongly resembles his father, even as a cub, taking on his blocky features instead of the rounded features his mother has. He is a touch more gold where his father is orange, however, and his tail tuft is identical to his mother's tail tuft in color. Aja's eyes are orange, and he is covered in spots, which may fade with time.


Aja is a shy, but curious cub. As any cub, he is playful.



Aja was mistaken as a stillborn child when he finally came into the world, which is why his parents name him as they do.

In The Forges of DawnEdit

Aja makes a brief appearance during the hunt and the hound attack. When Uhuru manages to draw away two Hounds and kill one, Aja, Oni, Dasturi and Moyo manages to escape during the mayhem. Later in the book, he briefly appears as when Vireka tries to burn Oni out of her hiding place. Before this, she and Moyo work to keep him alive, until the burnings begin.

He survives the events of the book til it's end.

In The Thousand WintersEdit

Aja is slated to play a role in Thousand Winters. With the death of their fathers, only he and Moyo are the only males of the group.


Since Aja is a direct descendant of Kamaria, being her grandson through Hotio, he has dormant magical powers. These powers have not yet been awoken.