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The Pale Ones
The Refugees
Hynar Territories
The Prison Isle

Afriik is the main setting of the Iron Lyons universe. Mōbōr, Tšatši, Jyotis, Lang'at and other legends began here. Their descendants -- The Pale Ones and Red Queens respectively -- still live on. It is referred to as the Lost Continent and Land of Legends by everyone living outside it's confines.


The Pale OnesEdit

Following Mjane's capture and the Pale Ones sovereignty over the ColdFyre, those Lyons immediately start killing and obliterating anyone they deem distasteful. The "dirt pelted" Refugees and Hynar are particularly affected, and the land the Pale Ones own grows exponentially.

The RefugeesEdit

This is where the darker-pelted Lyons who are being persecuted have fallen back to. They are composed of individuals from many former kingdoms and lands now held by the Pale Ones. Mostly, they don't form large blocs or armies, and tend to stay fractured and splintered and keeping to their "own kind" (old habits and prejudices die hard, and even a common enemy has a hard time bridging that in so short and brutal a span of time). Much of the area is populated by various family-prides, who mark out and live off a set small territory. The last of the Red Queens exist among them.

Hynar TerritoriesEdit

  • Note: 'Hynar' is the name for hyenas

The last bastions of the Hynar species. They have been heavily slaughtered and pushed further and further south as the history of the Lyons proceeds. Now confined solely to the south (existing nowhere else in any significant numbers), the Hynar are not considered a serious threat to the Pale Ones and so they have been ignored for a number of generations. Under such pressure and constraints, the Hynar have been forced to unite themselves into one huge clan -- infighting and differences are put aside as much as they can be in favor of species survival.

Karakoli Kisiwa and other "Prison isles"Edit

The island off the coast of southeast Afriik, known in this world as Madagascar, has been converted by the Pale Ones into a place to send their political prisoners and those judged guilty of various crimes. It is considered a punishment worse than death, and most do not survive long under the brutal conditions. Lesser prison isles are situated off the northwest coast and serve the western half of the continent.


Rise of JyotisEdit

Jyotis is the messiah of sorts of the Lions and when he dies, many lions are now Lyons. Along with Lang'at's magic, he is able to crown himself Lord of Afriik and inspire civility within his people, claiming Afriik as his own and proclaiming the lyons to be the dominant species.

War of Dark and LightEdit

Afriik is the origin place of Lions, and the birthplace of it's first hero, Jyotis, who would champion to species into a new age alongside his wife Lang'at. Now called Lyons, the two have children to succeed them, but Mōbōr, the eldest, proves to be monstrous and power hungry when his Magic starts to come in. The youngest, Tšatši, is not so and for the safety of his homeland, he clashes terribly with his brother for several long, bloody years. The ColdFyre was created in Afriik, by Mōbōr, as was the SunFyre which destroyed Mōbōr and Tšatši, sealing Afriik off from the rest of the world and ending the war for good.

Rise of the Sun EmpireEdit

The Sun Empire rises. This occurs a couple hundred years before The Forges of Dawn. Though the Empire has been around for years, it isn't present in TFoD, implying it fell.

Rise of the Marozi KingdomEdit

Harassed and hated by other lyons for being different -- for baring spots for longer than they should -- the Marozi spotted lyons take a valley as their kingdom and elect the strongest of their number to rule them. From that group rises their first King, King Kunya. Their line is long and unbroken, until King Kunya XVI falls deathly ill and other magic users see opportunity in his vulnerability. They kill him, then fight amongsts themselves, warping the lands into the Black Mountains. Each of the three prides blames the other in the murder of their King, while also claiming they have the blood of his heir Kunya XVII, running through their veins. The fight for generations over the Back Mountains until Himarta reunites them.

Rise of the The Pale Ones/Fall of MjaneEdit

At an unknown point in time, the Marozi lose the mountain to a band of pale lyons who have distant ties to the Great White Lyon Tšatši. They slaughter all the Marozi they find they, and establish a line of lords and ladies as well as a myriad of other species. They used Bronze to dominate other animals, specifically other lyons. Lord Kidane was the lyon who captured Mjane and, forcing her to bare his son Keita, took the Red Queens' sovereignty over the ColdFyre. Afterwards, the Pale Ones conquer the vast majority of Afriik and it's islands.

Uru Defeats The Pale OnesEdit

According to prophesy, Uru becomes the third hero of Afriik by killing Vireka and hunting down the last of the Pale Ones, effectively ending their reign and breaking their iron grip on power.


A Hero is an individual that does something virtuous or valorous that has a significant effect on the course of history. Many know of and praise these people, passing their names down the generations, making them Legends.


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Jyotis was born to typical lion parents, but grew to view the world different than most of his kind saw it. He saw potential in an otherwise beastly species, a bright and secure future for everyone if they could just settle for a tiny bit less. With help from a companion, and later mate, called Lang'at, he ushers a new age in for the lions: The age of Lyons.


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Tšatši was the son of Jyotis and Lang'at, heir to Magic powers like his mother. However, so was his elder brother Mōbōr, and that lyon used his magic to slaughter and conquer in an attempt to dominate the world. Tšatši stood against and eventually defeated him at the cost of his own life.


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Uru was a lyonesse and possibly the first female hero of Afriik. She is the prophesied Red Queen who would see the Pale Ones fall and stands against the crazed and evil lyon Vireka when he sends his forces to attack her family. With the help of several companions, she dethrones Vireka and is named the new Lady of the Black Mountains.