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Abornazine is a male Giant and balefully a part of Gaho's army of warriors.


Abornazine is something a free thinker and kindred spirit, disliking how he must bend to the wills of others and liking it even less when those others force him to kill for them and expect him to die for them. He is an honorable Giant, abstaining from the carnage his people wreak on the Fanged Ones.


Abornazine's appearance is never described.


In Far, Far AwayEdit

Abornazine is a part of Gaho's army, though he deeply disliked the fact and hates the old Giant lyonesse. He thinks her old hate and ideas are poison to the rest of the pride and it's future, but dares not give voice to such opinions lest he be killed for speaking out against an elder.

When Gaho commands the Giants to attack the Fanged Ones, Abornazine goes along but he does not kill. In fact, witnessing the brutal near-death of a cub at the fault of his people and the fires they've lit fill him with disgust and rage. He dives in the flames to save her, doing so successfully, and runs away with his charge after killing one of his own.

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