'Pard Princess
Close Kin
Unnamed Father
Tan Xian (alleged mate)
Doglas (alleged children)

The 'Pard Princess is a 'Pard found in the story Spellbound. She was "rescued" by Tan Xian, a Tigrisian.


The Princess had silvery fur with darker spots and lighter underbelly. Her eyes were blue, her noise was pink, and she had scruffy fur. She wore a necklace of teeth and skulls. She carried a dagger and a spear on her person.


Though portrayed in the stories as a helpless, swooning damsel in distress, the actual Princess was a feirce and capable warrior.


In SpellboundEdit

Shi Kuai recounts her tale along with Tan Xian in Spellbound to his son, Yǔ Sōng. According to the story, she was captured by The Cy'alt Tribes, who planned to sacrifice her for their rituals, but before they could, Tan -- called the Golden Buccaneer -- comes in and saves her, then sails them away on his ship. They return to her homeland, with Tan and the Princess conceiving children on the way there. The Princess' father asks him to stay and marry his daughter as a thanks for his heroism, but Tan denies and leaves the Princess with their four children.

The true story is quite different, however. The Princess is not a damsel, but a fierce and dangerous warrior. She also did not want to be rescued, meaning it was likely Tan Xian who kidnapped her and returned her to a people she no longer wanted to be a part of. It is also likely that any relations that went on between the two were not consensual and since children between a Tiger and a Leopard are never viable, there weren't ever any children that resulted.

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