'Pards are the evolved form of Leopards in the Iron Lyons Universe. They are often called the "cousins" of Lyons and have something of a species war going on with the Goras.

Pards vs. LeopardsEdit

'Pards and the Leopards of old have many things in common, and are virtually the same animal physically. However, 'Pards live far longer than leopards do and their thumbs are more prehensile, giving them greater dexterity.

Notable 'PardsEdit

  • Ny'ool was a Pale One slave, until Uhuru's attack.
  • Himarta and his kin are speculated to be part 'Pard due to Lyon/'Pard interbreeding.
  • The 'Pard Princess was a royal 'pard featured in Spellbound.